Our Partner

As an agent for many overseas publishers, we provide a unique service to customers who wish to subscribe to foreign hobby magazines or to order books, back issues, binders, or plans from overseas. By using our services, Wise Owl customers avoid the difficulties of dealing with overseas publishers, including currency exchange, extra credit card fees, expensive telephone or postage costs, or transcontinental time zones.

Most importantly, we value our customers, taking care of their needs in a prompt and efficient manner, and providing them with the highest quality service. Our reputation has been based on these principles, and we take pride in knowing that over the years we have served thousands of people who have become our loyal and happy customers. We can be contacted by mail, e-mail, phone, or fax, as noted below. Office hours for those wishing to call are 9 AM to 5 PM Pacific time, Monday through Friday, except major holidays. Visitors to our office are always welcome, but space is limited, so we do ask that you call and let us know you are coming. And, unlike many other companies, we DO respond to every e-mail message and we DO return your phone call if it is necessary for you to leave a message.

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