Owl lives in the forest

Owls are such majestic creatures. In many old cultures, owls are a symbol of wisdom – while there are new rumors that an owl sings when something bad will happen ( accidents, death, etc. ). Because of those rumors, organizations like Funzel.org try to protect the environment and owls’ life cycle.

#1 – What is an owl’s life cycle?

There are many types of owl, such as snowy owl, barred owl, screech owl, elf owl, burrowing owl. The burrowing owl is the most common type and its species is spread worldwide ( you can even find it in your garden landscaping Australia ). This species is relatively small and burrows others nest – as the name says.

Its life cycle is pretty similar to ours, only it has certain rules of starting the life cycle and mating.

The owl’s life cycle starts when the birds find their soulmates in early spring – between January and March. Five steps define an owl’s life cycle.

     • Sweethearts – that’s when owls become a couple. The male owl will do anything to get the attention of its future mate, such as flying around in a circle.

     • Nesting – any couple needs a home. After mating, it’s unlikely for owls to build a nest, and most likely to find one already built by everything that lives underground.

     • Newborn – when owl babies are born, everything settles up. The female owl will stay with the kids, while the male owl will hunt for food. Those babies will come out of their eggs between 2 weeks or a month.

     • Growing up – after 44 days, kids will be ready to face the world. Usually, they fly on short-distances and their parents will continue to provide them food supplements.

     • Fly away – when autumn comes, those new arrivals are already considered adults. It’s that time of the year when they have to follow the circle of life.

This repeats for every owl, every year. However, the lifespan of an owl is about 8 years.

#2 – How do I encourage owls into my garden?

As we said above, owls never make their nests. If you want to have an owl party in your garden, you will need to do everything by your efforts.

     • create a nest box for owls.

     • provide food supplements and water

     • talk to them every day and let them know you are here to help.

Owl parents are likely to stay in the same place after their kids are gone – especially if you built a relationship with them.

In other words, check out those guys backyardbuddies.net.au to see what’s more to do for any kind of animal you want to keep in your backyard.

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