Wise Owl Wildlife is a network of dedicated and professional carers of our native wildlife, who volunteer their skills to facilitate the management and care of our native wildlife.

The objective at Wise Owl Magazines is to return this wildlife back to a sustainable and natural environment.

Wise Owl Magazines has an active interest in all aspects of rehabilitation of our wildlife and is committed to ALL native wildlife. We have a good working relationship with many of the vets in and around the Perth Metropolitan area and can arrange for carer pickups from these vets.

We work closely with many local Councils in an effort to support them with the management of native wildlife.

Wise Owl Magazine is a self-funded group, and all donations, grants or financial membership support, is directed towards the costs of maintaining healthy native wildlife.

Wise Owl Magazine’s wildlife is home cared for, and this intense care is maintained throughout the stages of rehabilitation until the release stage.

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